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Septic tank cleaning-Grease trap cleaning

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Septic tank cleaning-Grease trap cleaning

Pre Caste Concrete/Approved Plastic Septic Tanks

The most basic method of waste decomposition which requires minimal maintenance and has no mechanical parts other than the effluent pump, should this be necessary.
The quailty of the effluent waste water limits the method of disposal to subsoil disposal.
Septic tanks are to be Australian Standards accredited and need to be desloged a minimum of every three years to ensure efficient operation.
Septic tank cleaning-Mechanical Treatment Plant

Mechanical Treatment Plant

These plants can treat sewage waste through a combination of biological treatment and Aeration, resulting in a higher standard of waste water effluent.
This provides greater options for the disposal of treated effluent, although the units will require power to operate and be subject to regular maintenance.
Normally waste water effluent is disposed of to shallow irrigation trenches within a vegetated area, although the use of this effluent is permitted aboveground subject to being adequatley chlorinated.
Septic tank cleaning-Sand Filter System

Septic Tank Cleaning and Sand Filter System

Effluent from the septic tank is passed through a body of sand, which purifies the effluent through a process of aerobic oxidation of suspended bacteria.
Once the effluent is treated, it produces a fairly good quality product although it has to be chlorinated if the method of effluent disposal is to be above ground. Unchlorinated effluent is to be disposed of to shallow irrigation trenches in a vegetated area.

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