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Rosebud Liquid Waste Safety Tips

Septic Tank Cleaning -Grease Trap Cleaning -Chemical Toilet Cleaning

Do not pour grease down the drain

Grease can clog the septic drain field, making it impossible for soil to absorb liquids.
If that happens you'll need a new drain field.

Avoid Hazaedous Chemicals

Varnish, paint thinners, motor oils and other chemicals can ruin your system.

Tree roots that invade your septic can do major damage

Keep trees at least 30 meters from septic system. Trees with aggressive roots such as willows, should be planted even further away.

Never Flush

Cat litter, Nappies, sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels, cigarette butts, or similar items down your toilet. They will quickly fill and clog your system.

Perform regular Maintenance

Solids must be pumped from the tank at least every three years, failing to do so could cause damage to the draining system.

Keep a Record of all maintenance

Including when you had the septic tank emptied and the location of the system, tank inspection and openings.

Septic Tank Cleaning - Grease Trap Cleaning - Chemical Toilet Cleaning

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